Hi Leeds Student, 

We are Rabbi Michoel and Chana Sorah Danow.

Together with our children we are want to welcome you to Chabad Lubavitch at Leeds Universities, your new home away from home.

Chabad at Leeds Is a place where you will meet loads of Jewish Students just like you, make new friends and have a great time. 


We offer Shabbat dinner and lunch every single week, all the holiday meals throughout the year, social events, group and individual classes and various courses.

We are always available for a chat or if you need a listening ear or help with anything to ease you you into University life. 
Everything we offer is for free and though we appreciate RSVPS as it helps us plan  you can always just turn up and of course bring your Jewish friends. 
Befriend Chana Sorah Danow on Facebook to get invited to our big events events fill out the form below to get our text messages, emails etc so you never miss anything at Chabad. (We promise not to bombard you :-))


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