Jewish Values for Modern Life

8 Discussion Classes

3 Fun Jewish Experiences

Earn $350 (£250)

​Limited Number of  Participants Accepted


  Do you enjoy fun and lively conversations?

Do you want to challenge the status quo?

Do you have questions about Judaism that are important to discuss?

Do you want to discover how Judaism is relevant and forward-thinking?

Do you want to join a warm community?

Then join the club! Sinai Scholars is for you!

This learning experience is different from any class you have ever attended!

Sinai Scholars is not a series of lectures; it is a series of interactive discussions.

It is not a repeat of what you experienced in school or Cheder;

It is fun, stimulating, deep, and relevant.

It is not a time to listen; it’s a time to question.

It is not geared to tell you what to think; it provides an opportunity to explore Judaism’s rich heritage at your own pace with you in the driver’s seat.

Sinai Scholars is a platform upon which participants explore central elements of Judaism that are relevant, interesting, and empowering for all Jews, irrespective of background, education, and level of commitment.

By the end of this journey, you will have a richer appreciation for some of the core elements of Jewish heritage and Jewish identity, along with a deeper understanding about how these interface with modern life.

What will we discuss? Jewish identity, purpose, significance of Jewish observance, Shabbat, Love, Ethics, Jewish mysticism and future.

Read more about the sessions here!



Dinner 6.30 pm

Discussion Class 7 -9 pm (including a short break)

Orientation / Lesson 1:  A Question of Identity
Wednesday, 20th October

Chessed (Kindness) Project

Date and details to be confirmed

Lesson 2: A people with a Purpose
Wednesday, 3rd Nov

Lesson 3: Reason and Ritual
Wednesday, 17th November

Lesson 4: An Oasis in Time

Wednesday, 1st Dec

Shabbat experience: 3-4 December

Lesson 5: Love Matters
Wednesday, 26th Jan

Field Trip -
 Bagel lunch & field trip to the Leeds Mikva (subject to covid restrictions)
Sunday, 30th Jan 1 - 3 pm

Lesson 6: Torah Ethics
Wednesday, 9th Feb

Lesson 7: Inside Out
Wednesday, 23rd Feb 

Lesson 8: Forward Thinking
Wednesday, 9th March

 Graduation and Closing Dinner 
Wednesday 23rd March 

To complete the course and earn $350 there will be a requirement of a one page reflection paper and a final project.

More info on these will be given at orientation and at a further point during the course.

​Don't worry! They are not the focus of the programme and are not as scary as they sound! Don't let the project put you off applying for the course. Lots of support will be available to fulfill these requirements.





Want to hear what others have to say about the course?

"What does being Jewish mean to me? Three months ago, my answer was very different to what it is today. Sinai Scholars has helped me to shape my understanding and my beliefs about what it means to be Jewish in the modern world." 

"Realising that Jewish practise can not only affect us in a religious sense, but in other aspects of our lives including marriage, helped me find a new appreciation for rituals in Judaism and how meaningful they can be."

"I have gained a lot from my experience on the Sinai Scholar course, discovering a deeper meaning to my religion and culture as well as developing beliefs I already held from my upbringing."

"Learning as a group made me feel an even greater sense of community and reminding me that I am part of a greater family. I want to continue this introspective questioning as an expression of my Judaism, and ensure that the history of my community is echoed in my everyday life."

"We discovered and learnt that we all have a mission and have a purpose to fulfill. I thought it was empowering to know this...The Jewish view is that we have a mission we are needed for; That's why we are here. This way of looking at life views meaning as inherent, an inseparable part of life." 

"I’ve found the ‘Think Jewish’ course extremely beneficial and almost like a course correction for it as it has helped me reignite that passion I have for learning more about my Jewishness."

"Judaism did not play a major role in my childhood and I am often put off of engaging with Jewish courses because I worry about my lack of knowledge compared to other students. However this worry was unfounded because everything was explained very clearly and simply without making assumptions about what was already known."

"I found the course to be enlightening on aspects of Judaism that were not so emphasised in the Jewish education I received, such as about Shabbat, Kashrut and mikva."
"I really didn’t know what to expect from the Sinai Scholars course, but I am so glad that I did it. I still regard myself as more of a cultural Jew than a religious one; but this course has allowed me to ask questions, has really made me think about things; and overall has really helped to improve my Jewish identity."

"During my time in Sinai Scholars my views of Judaism have greatly changed and developed, including my relationship with G‑d and the Jewish community."

"Listening and contributing to discussions was an opportunity for me to question beliefs which I held and by doing so feel that I have a deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish."

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