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          'Living with Integrity'          

Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas 

The ethical questions covered by this course are among the most pressing, real-world and perennial questions humans must face in their ordinary lives. This course brings together an array of learning and wisdom from traditional and modern Jewish sources as well as from contemporary academic philosophy and law to examine the ethics of dealing with parents, truth telling, confidentiality and privacy, professional and business obligations and forgiveness. You will come away from this course not only with insights about how to handle personal perplexing moral problems, you will also learn how to think critically about other problems that may occur in all areas of your life. 


This is a six part course, three this term and three next term.


Wednesdays: 21 October, 4th November, 18th November 2020

3rd Feb, 17th Feb, 3rd March 2021

Dinner 6.30 pm, Class 7 - 8.15 pm

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