Term Card 

Jan - Mar 2014

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Midnight Madness Breakfast
Monday, 20 Jan,
11 pm - 1 am
 Studying for exams a whole night?  Need a break and some good food with enjoyable company?
We have the answer for you with a “Midnight Madness Breakfast!”
French toast, yoghurts,  smoothies, pancakes, waffles, bagels, smoked salmon, and much more!
Boys Shabbat Lunch
Sat, 25 Jan,
1.00 pm
With Wine Tasting & Dessert Buffet
Join Rabbi Michoel for a boys only lunch & farbrengen with  great discussions and songs, great food, a choice of wines for Lechayims  and  a dessert buffet designed to make your mouth water .
Bring your Friends!!!
Jlearn and ski trip
Save the Date
Wed, 5th Feb, 6 .30 pm
Wed, 12th Feb, 6 .30 pm
Wed, 19th Feb, 6 .30 pm
Ski trip to Scotland: Sunday 23rd Feb
For pre-registered participants from previous term only
Girls Cooking evening
Sunday, 9th Feb
7.00 pm
Join Chana Sorah in creating some of the famous Chabad House Recipes for
MAINS AND DESSERTS COURSE and then sample the results or take it home with you.
Followed by discussion: The place of woman in Judaism: Key player or side role?
Chinese Shabbat Meal
Friday, 14th Feb, 7.30 pm
Enjoy a delicious Chinese Themed Dinner  with 
Guest Speaker Rabbi Chaim Rappaport
“Being an island in a city! The Challenges, Privileges, Dilemams and Tensions of
Maintainng a Jewish Identity in  a Secular Environment”
Schwarma Night
Tuesday, 25th Feb
7.00 PM
Enjoy delicious Schwarma and accompaniments with guest speaker
Rabbi Shmuel Lew, London
“The secret to success”
Take a  glimpse into the life of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and  his impact on the modern world which will help you reach your potential in the many areas of life”
Challa Baking
Wed, 5th March
7.00 pm
Come bake challa with Chana Sorah  and enjoy a good schmooze at the same time.
Learn  and enjoy both the technique of making the dough and shaping it.
Take the finished product with you to enjoy at home. All welcome!!!
PURIM 2014
Need to hear Megilla reading on Sat. eve 15/03 or sun. 16/03 ? Call Rabbi Michoel on  07872174770 to book a time.
Purim in Jerusalem Party
Sunday 16th March
5.30 PM
Jerusalem themed menu
Great food and drink
Come dressed up
Last megilla reading starts at 5.45 pm
PLUS:Your chance to win some cash with SPLIT the POT!!!
Deluxe Dessert Friday Night Dinner
Friday 21 March
7.30 PM
Join us for a delicious  Friday Night Dinner
Four course meal including  a
 Deluxe Dessert Table
With ten types of mouth watering desserts
Guest speaker: TBA
Bring your friends  and enjoy a fun evening
Customized Pizza and Pesach Insights
Tuesday 25th March
7.30 pm 
Custom order your pizza with a choice of ten different toppings.
With deeper insights into the story of Passover
Take home some food for thought to enhance your Pesach Seder.
Are you here for Pesach? We are!
1st Pesach Seder:
14th April, 8.45 pm
2nd pesach Seder:
15th April, 8.45 pm
Plus all Pesach Holiday Meals - Please call / text 07872174770 to reserve your place by any meal