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Photo Gallery




Crowds of students enjoyed an incredible performance with Singer Alex Clare on the fourth night of Chanuka
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Taking time out in the students busy schedules to play air hockey and other games with the rabbi!
Its girls night at the Leeds Chabad Lubavitch Student Centre

A beautiful kumzitz with Singer and Composer Mrs Miriam Shaw, as she sung some of her own original songs on the journey of her life as well as other universal ones.
A pre-Chanuka Chinese Auction, Lots of prizes!! Auctioneer: Michael Kay. Great Fun, Lots of laughs and friendly bidding!
With Guest Speaker: Professor Immanuel Shochet. Professor of Philosophy at Humber College, Toronto, Rabbi of Beth Joseph, Toronto, Author of 30 books on critical Jewish Issues, International Lecturer, experienced activist in anti-missionary work

Topic: “ Religion: Reason vs. Faith”
Shabbos Event (Only pictures of Preparations)
A Lovely Shabbos Event with themed iraqi food and after-dinner Chocolate Desserts.
This was really a cool event with Rabbi Danow on the drums, Rabbi Golomb on the organ and Rabbi Garber on the mike. Barbecue style food, Dancing and live music as well as the enjoyment of the large space in the new chabad house made this event one of the greatest this year at Chabad.
An evening in tribute to the lives of the Mumbai Victims, Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg, the Chabad representatives of Mumbai India and their guests Rabbi Bentzion Chroman, Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum, Yocheved Orpaz, Norma Shvartzblat Rabinovich HY"D on the first anniversary of their passing.
An amazing student menorah lighting event in the Leeds City Centre. With lots of doughnuts, refreshments dancing and singing!
Lots of hungry students enjoy a delicious hot meal to break the long fast of Yom-Kippur.

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